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Personal adventures

These are mostly adventures that I have sent out to my friends as mass mailings.
I also have some adventures that I've written up here
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Burning Man stories

Playa Trip: wedding portraits

Cleanup, 1999
Cleanup, 1999 part II

misc. San Francisco adventures

Butchering a duck for the first time
We raised ducks for meat and eggs.
They were old enough ''for the table'' in 7 weeks.
I learned to do it myself. And I'm so glad I did.

Peace Rally flowers
We made a small change in the Peace Rally.

Duck head
Some freak friends of mine have a run in with a cop.
It involves a forklift, two beers and a 3' wide duck head.

SRL did a big show at our workshop!

Phat Man Dee at The Odeon bar, fall 2001

Halloween party 2001
A "pumpkin hucker"
A maze
A 5 million volt Tesla coil
A flame tornado
All the things for a great San Francisco party!

Working on the Shipyard
For Halloween proper, Scott and I helped out at
a new artist collective just starting up.
I got to drive the forklift. :)

Deerhide tanning class I took part I
Deerhide tanning class I took part II

David Wilcox stories

David Wilcox is one of my all-time favorite folk singers.
He's a must-see on stage.
I've been to concerts since just after his first [of ten now] albums.
I feel like we grew up together as friends, yet he hardly knows me...

David Wilcox adventures

Fictional stories

These are stories that I have written for fun.

A rather spooky dream I had that was so clear,
I could remember it clearly for weeks.

A Quiet Little Story
A peaceful, but sad possible future...


These are poems I have written.

Carolina Dream
There's Something In My Salad
Poems of love and longing
SWAG Haiku
Ode to the Bathroom Door
The Shipyard is a very dirty place...

These are poems written by others.

Your Catfish Friend 
by Nat King Cole 

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