Ode to the bathroom door

Restroom use is necessary
But the restroom door has gotten very
Gross and greasy around the knob
Just like the late night hands of Bob
But no one seems to notice or care
Except for me with a pause and a stare
Each time my washed hands touch the handle
It's just so nasty I just can't stand the
Dirt.  I'm hurt  and squirt Bon Ami
Addressing this insanity
Spending ungodly amounts of time
I scrub and rub and suds the grime
The crime of slime in layers unfold
And slowly, painfully, digging for gold
I finally revel for a day and night
The glory of you shining and white
But like the keyboard on the Mac
A day after my cleaning you'll again...turn black...

--Basho, 1237