Misc David Wilcox stories

David Wilcox is my favorite folk singer of all time.
I've been following his music since probably around 1986 or so.
He really opens his *heart* to the audience with his songs.
There's just no other singer with his depth of emotion.

Here's my favorite quote, from an interview on Musician.com :

"I’ve always been hiding behind the songs—
I’ve always thought it was the songs up there,
and I'm just the movie projector that shines a light through them."

Here's a random adventures I've had on his music.

Most recent adventure:

Egeria lighting and monday art party
Here's a speech I should have given
Write up coming soon!

I hope these stories make you feel like you were there too...

Secret Song
The night he sang the "country" version of Eye of the Hurricane
I was there! And he confirmed it!

David Wicox concert, May 5th, 2002
A posting I made in SF about a concert coming up and why my friends had to go.

"Don't Be A Stranger"
A poem I'd been meaning to write for a long time.
I didn't have time to really write it, but here's some notes to myself.
It's not a poem!
It still sucks. :)

Letter to David
Here's the letter I wrote to accompany the poem draft.
I just wanted to put all those thoughts into words which I didn't get down in the poem.
A bad sign. :)
I eventually got up the courage and did give it to him!

Magical week!
Here's the whole week all together.
I still need to do some more writing about the GAMH show,
esp. since it was the longest and most magical adventure of the three,
but here's a letter to my good friend Andrew's that I wrote about it.
part 1 -- Great American Music Hall show
part 2 -- Davis show
part3 -- Santa Cruz show

Magical David Wilcox night
short version

A posting I made of a short version of the magical night.

And I'm sure the stories will keep on happening........

What's the background picture?
The background picture [and the other one linked below]
were taken during the Davis show,
when I left the show and walked around outside.
I noticed David's open guitar case.

Open and empty, because he's playing it right now...
So lovely through that wooden dorway in the warm night air...

Here's a link to the background image.
Here's another similar picture, farther away .