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What's Burning Man?
What is Firetown?
What is Camp Wedding?

"This just isn't for me..."

What is Firetown, you may ask.

Firetown is a camp of wonderful people who work together every year to create a cool place for us all to share.

What is Firetown?  We're not really sure, but we started this camp in 2000 when a group of us left TicTocTown in 1999.  Last year, our theme centered around Stephanie's columns from her project The Hall Of Possible Selves.  The columns invited people into a projection space she created using slides cast onto billowing, translucent fabric.  We also have the Firefall, a water fountain on fire, which we had on display across from our town.

Each year, we plan to have a new theme and create new art.  This year, we're working to expand Steph's project into the Crystal Palace -- a giant dome designed to look like a