Camp Wedding
Ceremony Program

[Note!  Because of the spontaneous nature of this wedding ceremony,
plans can and will change at the last moment.
Check back here often for things added or deleted.
Final plans will be at the Crystal Palace in Firetown at
Burning Man.
Come by for more info.]

The PLAN so far:

Morning until 4pm -- bake lots of wedding cake
            come by if you want to help bake!
            bakers get to lick the bowls and spoons! :)
4:00 -- Kiki and Sparky get dressed
5:00 -- Kiki and Sparky relax
5:30 -- band begins playing
            people gather
6:00 -- Kiki and Sparky emerge
            and ceremony begins
            band plays wedding music stuff
6:00-7?[whenever] audience grills
            couple on their wedding promises
7?[after ceremony] POT LUCK FEAST!
8:00 [after feast] -- CAKE!
after -- dance, play, visit, have fun!

We are open to suggestions.
If you think of something that would be fun [procession? dance?]
don't hesitate to suggest it!