(by Cynthia Pettit, Sept. 5, 1997)


Miriam Blalock was the vampire in the movie The Hunger.  She took lovers, and they were near immortal.  They lived a few hundred years, then suddenly started aging overnight.  In a few days to a week, they were too old to even move on their own.  She would carry their still-living aged bodies and place them in a casket in the attic...among the many other caskets of her other lovers in many years past.

She clearly remembered each of them, and loved them no less over time, but was reluctantly accepting of their fate.  It didn't mean she was apathetic of their fate.  But she also knew she gave them more than any other lover could give: undying love.  That, and more life than they would have had if they had not become her lovers.

I am watching my lover die
 yet again.
It doesn't mean I'm used to it.
It hurts every time.

Knowing I will love another
Doesn't help the pain.

I see another one suffer.
God, how I feel raw.

I cannot be a comfort anymore.

I play a requiem
 in my heart.
Let my tears run down my cheeks
 in mourning.

I sculpted them with my heart
I shaped them with my gentleness
I taught them with my hands
I made them into something more
 than they were

It is time to move on again.