A Friday Wish

My sweet lump of coal
Encasing a diamond heart

Why is it you are alone?

Such sad stories
you tell me of your love

Like a seaman
harshness has toughened your hands
and your heart...
But that doesn't mean
there's no tenderness there

How are you spared a gentle soul
to share your time?

And again my ship is calling me
it wrenches me from these wonderful waystops...
where I want to wait a while...

So many gentle souls...
I want to love them all

Part of me wishes I could settle
in your arms
Make a small nest
waste some time
enjoying those storm clouds
I have yet to see inside... :)

But lifetime is shortening
the train moves on
I have a destination
somewhere I'm meant to be...

Why am I so hurried in this life?

Ah, but it's dangerous to justify
this love that's creeping in
Tieing heart strings
wrapped like a cocoon around you

I wish there were a hundred of me
to love the hundred lonely men
I see...

Why is it the empty ones
are always filled?

Why is it the lonely ones
are so far more beautiful
and gentle
and kind?

Perhaps not getting what you want
makes it a precious thing

Like watching a sunset holding hands

Much better than sex

And so much harder to walk away from...

I'm not looking forward to your leaving...

But I wish upon this friday
To love you a year's worth
To make up for the lost time
I thought I had here somehere
[check my pockets]
It seems to have slipped me by...

I am planning a thousand meals
for dinner
A backrub for a lifetime
And to sleep as if that curl together
came from knowing eachother

I wish upon this friday...

(Thurs. Aug. 29, 1996)