9pm Full Jerry

"9pm Full Jerry," he wrote me.
"Berzerkely pier."

Living life leisurely
Was what I was waiting on
"Just want affection, not lust" he had told me.
and just held my hand.

We walked along the old pier
even though the clear wind was cold
"Here, you stand first," he told me,
"and I fold my coat to hold you.
Just like all lovers do."
Setting the stage
and he played the brave prince
as he's supposed to be played.

"Some people go
to watch trees and mountains," he said.
"But trees just stand there.
I have to see water."

So we stood there and watched the waves

I twisted and rested my head
Feeling faint breath falling
cutting through the cold

"I can hear Jerry on the waves," I smiled.
"Yeah," he said.
"Sounds like glass."
"I thought it sounded like light," I offered,
thinking I knew.
He laughed.
He knew better.

So we enjoyed eachother
away from desperation
for once
Lovers without making love.
I had forgotten which came first
"I wouldn't want you to think
it hadn't crossed my mind," he said so softly
and closed his eyes against my hair.
That thought touched there
in my mind as well.

But I was lazy in leisure
The time taken together
Setting the stage there
as it should be set
Learning love comes from love
not of what you have to give
but what you have to share

His fingertips
brushing and touching my wrist
was bliss
And was worth more than
a thousand raptures

And Jerry's reflection
was worth the world
I was running from
instead of living in

You can lose yourself with extacy
But you find yourself with love
And standing near on the pier
lingering in leisure
I uncovered a world smothered
in work and mere pleasure
Found Jerry shining in shattered shards
on the relentless rolling ripples
The pieces coming together
making more meaning
than they dared in a thousand

I gave myself up and fell
into the soft caressing waves
My need had receeded
sliding with the tide

Desire creates desire
It will never end
Unless you hold still
Some 9pm

Full Jerry

Put the pieces together again